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Youth Mailing list Application form

Unrecognised individuals and newcomers may need to make applications in person to the Mandir admin.


Please make sure the submitted details are accurate, to ensure efficiency of response.

Please add below any additional information to help us recognise you, e.g. anyone known by the Merton Sai Centre who can help identify you. Only recognised members will be added



To maintain a link for the Merton youths and former balvikas students with Merton Sai Centre.


To enable dissemination of Sai Youth News and Events where Seva opportunities may also be available. 


To provide access to spiritual resources and support, for individual's journey to fulfil Swami’s aspiration for the youth...


 “Become ideal men (women), so that others may also derive the benefit by following your example”


  (Summer Showers 1990

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