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< Sai Mandir News (19.01.20 - 25.01.20)
29.01.2020 17:24 Age: 168 days

Sai Mandir News (26.01.20 - 01.02.20)

Summary of announcements made on the 26.01.20

1. There will be an active members meeting today after the bhajan at 4.15pm. All active members are kindly requested to attend.


2.   We will be hosting guests from Agelink on Sunday the 15th of March from 3.00pm. If any of the SSE children would like to play musical instruments or present their talents as part of the event, please speak to Sister Vasuki or Brother Raju.


3.       On Sunday, 2nd February between 12 to 2.30pm, the Temple and NHS will be conducting a mass health screening at the Temple. Anyone over the age of 18 can take part. Your height, weight and waist measurements will be taken and BMI, risk of diabetes, risk of stroke, risk of high blood pressure and other diseases will be calculated. All your information will be strictly confidential and given to you in a booklet together with a GP referral letter if needed. There will be experts in diabetes, stroke, heart disease and TB available to give advice. There will be free courses that you can attend in the next few months to help you if you have a long-term disease.  For further details, please contact Sister Geetha.

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