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< Sai Mandir News (15.03.20 - 21.03.20)
25.03.2020 18:12 Age: 138 days

Special Announcement

Made on 24.03.2020

  1. Since you have been asked by the UK government to stay at home to minimise the spread of the coronavirus that has affected the whole world, you will not be able to join us in person at the Sai Mandir until further notice.

  3. Instead, the Sai Mandir will now be broadcasting the Sunday bhajans from 3pm to 4pm via our YouTube channel at Please participate in our prayers via online. Let us pray for Swami’s Blessings and Grace for all those affected across the globe.

  5. We kindly request all devotees to participate in the daily and weekly prayer initiatives. Please join us every night at 9pm for a brief prayer when devotees across the UK chant the Gayathri Mantra nine times. There will be prayers at 8:30pm on Sundays for 30 minutes via the National YouTube channel.

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