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Merton Youth Wing's Stepping Stones


"Life is an experience meant to train the individual for a higher, deeper and more expanded state of existence through the experience of the results of one's actions. The aim of life is the attainment of complete perfection by merging in the Absolute. It is dedication to the Lord that sanctifies all activities. He is the raison d'etre for all activity; He is the prompter, the executor, the giver of the required strength and skill, and the enjoyer of the fruits thereof. So, dedication must come naturally to you, for, all is His and nothing yours! Your duty is to believe that He is the impeller of your activities, and draw strength from that belief. Just as a bandage is necessary to protect the wound until it heals and new skin grows, so too, until reality is realized, faith, company of the pious and holy thoughts must be applied to the ego-affected mind. "


Youth/Centre activities integration (Step 1)


Following graduation from Balvikas (SSE), there prevails a natural succession into the youth wing. Despite the existence of a separate wing for the youth, a significant emphasis is placed on adult-youth integration in all the activities undertaken. In this way we aim to offer a support role to the other wings and in doing so acquire valuable exposure to the wealth of knowledge that prevails within the Sai centre.


Swami has said:


"Try to get into the company of devoted and God-fearing persons. When dust joins the company of air, it rises up into the sky; when it joins the company of water, it sinks into the depths of the earth. Your future is shaped by the company you keep. So, choose your friends carefully and do not develop too strong an attachment to anyone. Be friendly with all, but do not allow that friendship to grow into bondage."


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Equipping the Youth with Practical advice in a Human Values context (Step 2)


Armed with our beloved Swami’s teachings on Truth, Right-conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence, we collectively strive to better our understanding of the pressures and challenges faced in our day to day lives, through monthly study circles and service projects. These activities aim to highlight how we can live with our “Hands in Society and head in the forest”.

Spiritual Resource and Succor (Step 3)


Fundamentally the wing exists to provide the youth with resources and succor, for their individual journey to fulfil Swami’s wishes that they “Become ideal men, so that others may also derive the benefit by following your example” (Summer Showers 1990).

"Like a child endeavouring to walk, you might toddle a few steps, falter and fall, but like the child, you must lift yourself up with a smile and start again. Santhi is essential for such persistence. Failures are not boulders that block your way; remember, they are stepping stones to victory."


-Sathya Sai Baba

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